The DentSaveSM Program

CPS Dental, Inc. (CPS) offers its DentSaveSM discount dental membership program to everyone who needs to save money on their dental services. As a CPS DentSaveSM discount dental program member you will enjoy a discounted fee schedule for your dental services. When you use a CPS participating dentist you will usually save 25% - 50% on your dental treatment. CPS dentists are private practitioners who are well-respected professionals in the community. Since CPS Dental, Inc. is NOT an insurance company, there are no forms to fill out and no waiting period. This is your alternative to paying escalating premiums for dental insurance. All CPS participating dentists have agreed to accept the CPS DentSaveSM discount dental program fee schedule as payment in full for the listed services.


- initial exam - free of charge

- can cover all family members

- add new family members at any time

- guaranteed eligibility

- skilled professional practitioners at a remarkably low cost

- discounted fee for service schedule

- open enrollment

- no exclusions for pre-existing conditions

- no exclusions for cosmetic dentistry

- no waiting periods

- no forms to fill out

- a choice of hundreds of dental locations in NYC metropolitan area

- internet registration and access to the latest list of participating dentists and current DentSaveSM fee schedule

YOUR NEXT STEP, it's as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Log onto and complete your registration for the program.

2. CPS will complete your registration and issue an identification card to verify your DentSaveSM discount dental program membership.

3. Call the dentist you select for service, identify yourself as a DentSaveSM discount dental program member and benefit from the discounted dental fees in the DentSaveSM discount dental program.

Remember, DentSaveSM is currently available only in the New York City metropolitan area.

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